Russian students invited to be interns in certain CSOs

Students invited to be interns in CSOs


The Volunteer as an Intern project will give thousands of students the opportunity of gaining their first work experience at major not-for-profit organisations.

The initiative involves tasks devised by the country’s leading CSOs who will be offering the internships. By completing their tasks, each student can be a member of the voluntary movement and, by so doing, prove themselves to potential employers.

“These internships will provide students with even more practical skills and experience than in commercial institutions as they will be working directly with disadvantaged people. Employers want to have graduates with the most initiative in their companies and volunteering is just one way of demonstrating their commitment in practical terms. Being a volunteer at university shows that he or she will be just as motivated working in a company”, said Ilya Semin, head of the Professional Internship 2.0 project.

4,875 tasks from 1,444 employers have now been posted on the Profstazhirovki.rf website.   

The fourth year of the competition began on 1 February. People can select their preferred activity on the website and apply for it by 30 April.

The Volunteer as an Intern is a joint project involving Professional Internship 2.0 and the country’s leading CSOs.

Professional internships 2.0 is a project organised by the All-Russian People’s Front and the Presidential “Russia – a land of opportunities” forum.


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