Russian Supreme Court to order prompt release of seriously ill prisoners  

The Russian Supreme Court to order the prompt release of seriously ill prisoners




According to the Russian Agency for Legal and Judicial Information, at a recent plenary session, the Supreme Court stated that it had drafted a Bill that will ensure the immediate release of seriously ill prisoners. At present, the decision to release only comes into effect after 15 days.


The Bill supplements Article 399 of the Federal Criminal Procedure Code with Part 8 under which a court order to release seriously ill prisoners will be immediately enforced. At present, such a decision only comes into force after 15 days which allows appeals to be filed against a court’s ruling.


The Supreme Court says that the draft Bill is aimed at “humanising” and “protecting the basic human right to life and respect for personal dignity”.


Approval of the release decision will be considered at the request not only of the prisoner but also with the recommendation of the institution responsible for imposing the custodial sentence.


In spring this year, the Russian Supreme Court recommended banning the arrest of suspects with serious illnesses, homeless people and women with children under 14 years of age.




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