Russians experience discrimination at work

37% of Russians have experienced age discrimination at work




The website recently conducted a survey of 1,940 working Russians between 18 and 55 years of age. It showed that 64% of respondents believe there is discrimination in the Russian labour market while 25% of those surveyed disagreed.


37% said they had faced age discrimination when applying for a job, at work or when being dismissed, 19% had been discriminated against based on their gender, 12% on ethnicity, 11% on their physical appearance, 9% on health grounds, 6% on marital status, 5% on social status and 1% on sexual orientation.


46% of respondents had problems finding work because they had children, 16% because they didn’t have children, 22% because they had no spouse, 12% because they planned to have children and 4% because they were or intending to get married.


34% had experienced discrimination for being overweight, 28% for wearing casual clothing, 13% for having tattoos, 9% for having body piercings and 3% for having brightly-coloured hair.


59% of respondents had encountered biased and bigoted attitudes from management, 70% had experienced prejudice from colleagues, 57% had been the subject of gossip, 13% had received unfair criticism, 9% had been verbally abused, 7% intimidated or threatened, 4% ridiculed, 3% had suffered harassment and 7% had experienced petty theft or damage to their personal belongings.



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