Russians’ views on foreign-funded NGOs

All-Russia Public Opinion Research Centre discovers Russian attitude
towards foreign funded NGOs

14-15 July approximately 1600 people in 138 communities in 46 regions and
republics of the Russian Federation were interviewed by sociologists from the
All-Russia Public Opinion Research Centre. According to the results of the
surveys, 64% of respondents were opposed to NGOs funded from abroad
participating in the country’s political life. Further to this, more than half
of respondents supported giving them the status of “foreign agent.”

who held this belief were, first and foremost, Communist Party supporters (72%)
and older respondents (70%). The opposite view held by 21% of respondents, were
mostly supporters of non-parliamentary parties (32%) and those younger than 44
years old (25-26%).
respondents supported the key provision of the bill to regulate the activities
of NGOs. Around 73% of respondents also supported the idea of enforcing a more
thorough financial audit of those NGOs that receive foreign funding.

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