Scope of Russian law on aid to pandemic-hit NGOs under review

All charitable organisations can be recognised as victims of the pandemic


The latest draft legislation aimed at changing the eligibility criteria for joining the Ministry for Economic Development’s second NGO register is currently under review.

The paragraph in the original draft which makes reference to organisations worst affected by the pandemic, the simplified tax system and reduced rates of insurance premiums has been removed.

The new paragraph reads as follows: (severely affected organisations include) “a non-profit organisation, with a charitable purpose registered in accordance with Russian Federation law and submitted to the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice via reporting forms OH0001 and OH0002, and approved by the Ministry of Justice from 16 August 2018, as requested under Approval of reporting forms from non-profit organisations”.

The Ministry for Economic Development established two registers in response to a series of presidential decrees aimed at supporting NGOs. The first included winners of a presidential grants’ competition and recipients of state loans at both Federal and local levels, all for organisations providing social services. The second register lists those worst affected by the pandemic.

Organisations included on either register will receive fiscal and other support and will receive further benefits when working with businesses: businesses who donate to organisations listed on the register will receive a tax break.

Religious organisations supported by NGOs will also receive support. Suggestions have already been made to Vladimir Putin to merge all listed NGOs into a single register.


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