Second pension for disabled children of Russians killed in Ukraine

A Bill on a second pension for disabled children of those killed in the war in Ukraine has been submitted to the State Duma




A Bill on a second pension for disabled children of servicemen killed in the war in Ukraine has been submitted to the State Duma.


Activists of the Right to Care movement have asked that “disabled children should not be divided” and to ensure that all orphans with disabilities are given a second pension.


Members of the War in Ukraine working group have submitted a Bill to the State Duma under which children with disabilities whose parents have died in the war in Ukraine will be able to receive two pensions: one as a survivor and the other for social disability.


The public movement, The Right to Care, has urged its supporters to contact Alexander Varfolomeyev, Deputy Chair of the Duma’s Social Policy Committee and author of the Bill, requesting that it be extended to all disabled children who have lost a provider.


“The Bill is chiefly aimed at supporting disabled children. And sadly, they can lose a breadwinner not only in the war in Ukraine but also in everyday life – we know dozens of stories of fathers dying from Covid and other serious diseases, from gang attacks and as a result of road accidents for which they were not responsible”, members of the Right to Care have written.


“We ask you to take our views into account and not to divide disabled children and, in accordance with our proposal registered on the Information Exchange Register which has already attracted 6,000 signatures, to give a second survivor’s pension to all disabled children”, say the activists. Under current legislation, a citizen can only receive one pension, even if he or she is entitled to more.


Only individuals in special privileged categories can receive two pensions at the same time. They are listed under Article 3 of the federal law “On State Pension Provision in the Russian Federation” and Article 7 of the law “On Pension Provision for Persons Who Have Performed Military Service; Service in Internal Affairs Agencies; the State Firefighting Service, Agencies for the Control of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances; Penal Enforcement Agencies and Institutions; National Guard Troops and Russian Enforcement Agencies And Their Families”. These are people who have been disabled as a result of military trauma, parents and widows of servicemen killed in the line of duty, family members of dead cosmonauts, residents of the besieged city of Leningrad and others.



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