Simplified disability procedure extended to March 2022

The simplified procedure for assigning disability will remain in effect until the end of March 2022

According to the simplified procedure, it is possible to apply for and extend disability status without appealing to the Bureau for Medical and Social Expertise.


On 22 September the Government of the Russian Federation extended the simplified procedure for assigning disability status, which has been in effect since spring 2020.

Prior to this extension, the temporary rules were only meant to be in effect until 1 October 2021, however they will now end on 1 March 2022.

The simplified procedure allows a previously established disability to automatically be extended by six months, and new applications for disability status will be processed without a personal appeal to the Bureau for Medical and Social Expertise.

Furthermore, people with disabilities will also be provided with the technical equipment necessary for their rehabilitation without the need for a personal appeal. All necessary documents will be processed through the electronic interdepartmental system.

In accordance with the same procedure, until March 2022 certificates will be issued for people with occupational diseases, as well as for those who have suffered injuries in the workplace.


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