State grants for socially significant projects

This year socially oriented NGOs may bid
for ‘presidential grants’ amounting to over 2.3 million roubles in all



On  30 March, the president of the Russian
Federation, Vladimir Putin, signed an order ‘affording state assistance during
2013 to NGOs carrying out socially significant projects and playing a part in
the development of the institutions of civil society’, which is to be
implemented by allocating grants as above.



list of NGOs administering the grants 
has been amended. In particular, the civil rights defence division of
‘Soprotivlenie’ (Opposition) will not be an administrator in 2013 for the
purpose of allocating funds on a competitive basis. However, the Institute of
Socio-economic and Political Research, which is affiliated to the All Russia
People’s Front, will be an administrator.


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