“Supported employment” services for disabled people

 “Supported employment” services will be made available to disabled people


The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs aims to attract non-profit organisations to carry out this work.

The Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs plans to take an individualised approach to creating employment for people with limited opportunities. The Ministry has already prepared a Bill, Maxim Topolin (the head of the Ministry of Labour) explained to the parliamentary assembly.

According the document, a “supported employment” service will be created in Russia for people with disability. It will include an analysis of the proposed roadmap to get people into the workplace; the creation of specialised workplaces; and specialised work schedules. Moreover unemployed people with disabilities will be provided with individual assistance on employment, to create suitable working conditions and to help with adapting their work stations.

“The Bill is practically ready, agreed by all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation – now we are refining the technology necessary for this work. All the new measures can be done within the constraints of the current budget, we simply need to establish this work based on a unified technological system,” said Topolin.

He clarified that the Ministry is planning to attract NGOs to implement this project, all the more since this is the practice in certain regions.

“We are not saying that this will increase the number of workers in the employment service, but rather that this is about broadening NGOs’ horizons. We have set ourselves the goal of doubling the employment rate amongst disabled people by 2020, and we have laid the necessary groundwork to achieve this goal,” explained the Minister.

In 2017, there were approximately 3.7 million disabled people of working age in Russia, but only a quarter (about 1 million people) of them were in work, reports TASS. According to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, many of them would like to work, therefore by 2020 working conditions must be such that no less than half of disabled people of working age will be able to find suitable work.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/03/10/nko-trudoustrojstvo-invalidov/



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