Tooba users donate over three million roubles in four days

Tooba users donate over three million roubles in four days


During the first four days of June, 3,023,987 roubles were collected via Tooba to help children with congenital diseases




Thanks to donors, several organizations received funding to support their important work: AiF. Kind Heart, Butterfly Children, Road of Life, Spina Bifida, Geography of Goodness,, and Providence.


The campaign began on Children’s Day, lasting until June 4. Tooba sent users notifications calling for action and featured urgent fundraisers for children under six months in the top feeds. The team reports that 10,074 donations were made over the four days.


“On Children’s Day, we decided to inform our users about charities that help children with congenital diseases, with terrifying diagnoses such as spina bifida and bullous epidermolysis. We are glad that people didn’t stay to the side, and quickly contributed to the fundraisers,” said Tooba’s founder Ramazan Medjidov.


Tooba, an app for charities and fundraising, has been operating since 2018. Since then, users have transferred over one billion roubles to 100 verified organizations.



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