Top regions for HIV in Russia: Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Sverdlovsk

In Russia, the top three regions have changed – the leaders in mortality from HIV There die from the disease more often than from murder, suicide and accidents combined
Kemerovo, Irkutsk and Sverdlovsk regions lead among Russian regions in terms of HIV mortality in 2018, RBC found out. In the Kemerovo and Sverdlovsk regions, it grew by more than 10% over the year.

Photo: Viktor Bartenev / Interpress / TASS
Based on the statistics provided by regional statistics services, RBC calculated which Federation subjects became the leaders in 2018 in the number of deaths from HIV. Officially, Rosstat and the Ministry of Health do not disclose this data yet.

The leader in mortality from human immunodeficiency virus has become the Kemerovo Region. A total of 38,200 people died there in 2018, of which 1,750 died from HIV, RBC was told at the territorial office of the Federal Service for State Statistics in the Kemerovo Region.
The death rate from HIV is 65.1 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants of the region – this is more than from all alcohol poisoning, suicides, murders, drowning and accidents combined. For comparison, according to WHO data for 2017, in Zimbabwe and South Africa – the countries with the highest mortality from the virus – this figure was 133 and 190 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, respectively.

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