Transparency International Russia to be liquidated  

Transparency International Russia will be liquidated


The decision was made due to the categorisation of Transparency International as an “undesirable organisation.”



The decision to begin the liquidation process of Transparency International’s offices in Russia was made by its governing body, the Center for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiative.


The Center explained that Transparency International Russia is an independent organisation, and thus was not and could not be recognised as “undesirable” according to the law. However, the decision to label Transparency International as “undesirable,” as well as the exercise of the law in Russia, makes Transparency International Russia’s work almost impossible.


“The Transparency International Russia team is facing a major reorganisation of its work… Countering corruption in all its forms, and reducing tolerance for corruption in Russia, will remain our mission and strategic objective, no matter the form in which we will certainly continue our work,” the organisation stressed.




Translated by: Spencer Michaels

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