Under COVID-19, Domestic Violence Intensifies in Kazakhstan

From The Diplomat (shortened version – for full report see link)

By Assem Almukhanbetkyzy and Kristi Eaton

July 24, 2020

The article highlights a recent example of domestic abuse, and continues:

Diana Tansary, a human rights defender in Kazakhstan, is the director of the victim assistance fund Don’t Keep Silent KZ and author of the book “The Entrance.” As a child, she was abused, and as an adult, she has turned toward defending women’s rights. 

“The number of women who are contacting us during quarantine has increased dramatically,” she says. 

In the past, she says, 10 to 15 women would call the organization each day, but now that number has increased to 25. The organization mainly works with sexual violence survivors, but now, she adds, the organization is helping serve a growing number of cases of survivors of domestic violence. 

“Unfortunately, women’s rights are not well protected in Kazakhstan,” she says, adding that the organization wrote a letter to the president of Kazakhstan seeking improvements to women’s rights protections but to no avail. 

During quarantine, the organization’s hotline has received 42,000 calls over a four-month period, she says. But only 8,000 of those calls have led eventually to trials and just 4,000 have received justice.


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