Video course to help children with cerebral palsy

A new video course “24 hours” launched to help children undergo rehabilitation


The All children Can CSO has prepared a video course on physical rehabilitation for special needs children, including those with cerebral palsy.

The Novorossiysk Civic Centre’s press office reports that a series of video lessons on how to organise physical rehab for children suffering from cerebral palsy has been put together by a team of Russian specialists who are involved in helping children with severe and multiple developmental disorders.

In the first of these videos, ergotherapist Valery Yagodin explains what’s involved in physical management, how and what kind of rehab can be provided, the importance of avoiding secondary disabilities and whether there can be difficulties for families during the rehabilitation process.

Training for parents and specialists is one of the CSO’s main activities given these people are with a child with severe developmental disorders every day. Their knowledge and decisions can determine a child’s condition and his or her successful development.

All 18 video lessons are available on the All children Can YouTube channel.

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