Visitors to M. Video and Eldorado stores donated to charity

Visitors to M. Video and Eldorado stores donated almost 17 million roubles to charity


The charity fund Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World received funds from the charitable campaign, Kind Toys.

The campaign in the stores M. Video and Eldorado managed to raise almost 17 million roubles over two months, which is almost five million roubles more than was collected by the end of a similar campaign last year. 

Since 15 November 2019 in all Eldorado stores, and since 18 November 2019 in M. Video shops, magical Christmas toys have appeared – so-called “Balls of Good”. Anyone could purchase one of these New Year’s Balls for the small sum of 50 roubles, which thus helps to raise money for surgery for children with maxillofacial pathology or for activities to help with nature preservation.

“Our Fund has two charitable programmes: the first is the Beautiful Children programme, which helps with surgical or other treatments, and we also have the Beautiful World programme, which supports environmental projects in protected areas. Subsequently, all the funds collected, including through this campaign, go towards helping the charitable work of both programmes”, Olga Sevastopolskaya, direct of the Fund, told the Social Information Agency.

According to Sevastopolskaya, the 17 million roubles collected will be enough to carry out approximately 87 operations for children with maxillofacial pathology, and will also help to implement four new projects in protected areas under the programme Beautiful World.

“Currently we have announced the results without specifying names and projects, by instead using averaged statistics. We have taken, as the basis, the average cost of an operation and the average annual cost of the project Beautiful World,” Olga Sevastopolskaya explained. “The current situation is that the money raised has not yet been transferred to the main Fund, because this is not a rapid process. Looking back at last year’s experience, this will happen sometime in March. Only after this will we be able to actually pay for the children’s treatment. The treatment of 87 children, with our support, will take five to six months, and at the end we will have a list of “Kind Toy Children”, with names and photos ready by the end of summer. It’s a similar situation when it comes to the Beautiful World projects. Currently we are in the process of receiving applications from the nature reserves, asking us to support their projects. After this, we will examine and identify the projects to be supported by the fund in 2020. Therefore, we will hopefully be announcing the four projects receiving financing from the Kind Toys campaign around April-time.”

Over the course of two months shoppers from both retail chains, across the whole of Russia, purchased more than 300,000 New Year Toys.

Sevastopolskaya went on to say, “We understand how important feedback is for our donors. Therefore, in our databases it is mandatory to make note of which children were treated through financing which results from one of these campaigns. We annotate reports in the same way when it comes to the financing of particular environmental projects”.


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