Winner of State Award for Philanthropy to be decided by popular vote

The winner of the State award for philanthropy to be decided by popular vote



The Federation’s Public Chamber is launching online public primaries where people can discuss and promote the merits of candidates nominated for the State prize for charitable work, with voting due to take place from 1-31 October on Regional Public Chamber websites, it reports.


These public primaries are being organised in order to raise the profile of the award with the general public. We are launching this popular voting model so that citizens can support outstanding and worthy candidates. The results of these primaries will be forwarded to a Presidential Public Commission, said Valery Fadeev, the Public Chamber’s Secretary.


The Public Chamber has said that the voting results will take account of the views of the Federation’s Public Chamber members and those living in the regions, with the prize due to be awarded at the beginning of December.


The State philanthropy prize was first instituted in 2016 and is awarded to human rights activists and philanthropists whose energetic and effective community work helps to protect human and civil rights and freedoms, develops and strengthens civil society institutions, creates a charity, patronage and volunteer culture, provides free assistance to those in need and individuals who receive wide national recognition for their work.


The first winners of this prize were Elizaveta Glinka and Alexander Tkachenko. The Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights will be nominating Lyudmila Alekseeva for the award for her outstanding human rights achievements as Chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group.



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