Yandex donates more than 300 million roubles to CSOs

Yandex donates more than 300 million roubles to civil society organisations

Yandex has published the annual report of its foundation Help at Hand.


“In 2022, we focused on developing our programmes. Thanks to the support of Yandex users, we managed to raise twice as much money compared to last year. We organised more than 350,000 journeys, worked out how to step up support for buying the goods that are needed, and continued to provide charities with access to Yandex digital solutions,” says the Foundation’s website.

Last year, Help at Hand raised 301.4 million roubles to help civil society organisations (CSOs). Of this, 177.5 million roubles were raised by users by rounding up bill and invoices, while Yandex itself donated 113.2 million roubles.

What’s rounding up? 

In 2022, the Yandex Forecourt app introduced an option to round up bills and invoices. Now you can support charities simply by filling up your car at participating petrol stations. Other Yandex services have also introduced rounding up: Yandex Go, Food, Shop and Market. Yandex Go generated the largest amount of rounding up revenue.

Three CSO support programmes have been running this year:

Civil society journeys: Minivan and Special tariffs are now available to CSOs.

Civil society goods: CSOs can submit applications describing themselves and their projects. A team of independent experts helps to select finalists – they receive funds to purchase basic necessities for one year. In 2022, 50 million roubles were allocated to this cause.

Digital services for civil society: a platform that introduces grant recipients to the opportunities of social advertising.

The programmes were accessed by more than 400 organisations that tackle social challenges in various parts of the country.

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