Project “The Right to Live Without Violence”

Rano Kosimova

Public organization “PARASTOR” won a grant for the project “The right to live without violence” in June 2019. The practice of our work has shown that victims of domestic violence have difficulty in obtaining legal aid and protection from enforcement agencies and the courts. Many of the victims do not know to contact whom in order to receive the necessary support. 

Training of leaders

In this regard, the project support to expand cooperation with public organizations and with the local government of Ismoili Somoni district of Dushanbe city. Ten actions were carried out with the participation of law enforcement officials, doctors, journalists and crisis workers. Given the current challenges in increasing incidents of violence, the local government of Dushanbe city supported the initiative to open first responding service and in this regard the facility was allocated for the first responding service organization. From the beginning of the project implementation, up to fifty women victims of the domestic violence and women in difficult situations applied to the service. The project supported women with consultations in area of writing correct file a complaint against offenders to the police and courts.  The injured women stay for a certain period of time in the first responding service to relieve stress, moreover they engage in knitting, sewing, and we conduct discussions on the topic of preventing domestic violence.

During the project implementation period all representatives of public organizations and crisis centers participants of the training “The right to live without violence” received informational brochures and booklets.   

Young women after their training session

Head of the project, Rano Kosimova


Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 155/32 Rudaki str

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