The BEARR Trust Small Grants Scheme 2011

Grants were awarded as follows, under each segment of the scheme:

Segment A: Helping young people involved with the law or emerging from detention centres to reintegrate into society, in Russia or Kazakhstan.

‘Rassvet’, Arkhangelsk, with Municipal centre for protection of minors’ rights, Arkhangelsk offender treatment network, and Arkhangelsk Juvenile Colony.

Project: Develop training for staff of Arkhangelsk Juvenile Colony and other closed institutions, social centres and NGOs dealing with minor offenders; and develop training for juvenile offenders to reduce re-offending.

Centre for Legal and Judicial Reform, Moscow, with Friends’ House.

Project: Following a national conference on the use of restorative justice/reconciliation with young offenders, contribution to 4 seminars to introduce best practice based on the experience of Commissions for Minors and Their Rights (CMRs) in Yaroslavl and Konkovo to the CMRs of the city of Moscow.

Community for Children, with Moscow Youth Committee for Support to Graduates of Institutions, Department of Social Protection of the Population.

Project: Helping young people in Moscow and Ryazan Oblasts as they leave detention centres, in particular those from orphanages as they have no family support.

Segment A is funded by a grant from the Moscow office of the law firm Baker Botts.

B. Helping young people involved with the law or emerging from detention centres to reintegrate into society in the South Caucasus or other countries in Central Asia

The Civil Society Institute, Erevan, with Armenian Ministry of Justice.

Project: training in Abovyan Penitentiary Institution for Juveniles and Young Offenders on legal issues, conflict resolution and job-finding, and publication of information brochure.

Reliable Future Youth NGO, Baku, Azerbaijan, with NGO Alliance for Children’s Rights. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Gyandja Police Department, Gyandja Mayor’s Office and UNICEF.

Project: assistance with costs of Diversion Centre in Baku, covering Baku and Sumgayit, and organisation of training and seminars to prepare for the opening of a similar Centre in Gyandja. The Centres provide legal aid to children in conflict with the law. Project also involves advocacy and lobbying to promote reform of juvenile justice system.

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