10% of Russians give to charity

10% of Russians give to charity according to a NAFI poll


In September 2019 the NAFI Analytical Centre conducted research into charitable giving, polling 1600 people living in 150 different population centres across 50 regions of Russia.  It showed a rise in the number of Russians giving to charity since 2018 from 46% to 57%.  People living in Moscow and St Petersburg are most likely to give to charity (65%) as well as people between the ages of 25 and 34 (62%), higher earners (63%) and people in managerial positions (69%).

11% of Russians have made regular donations to charity over the past 2-3 years (roughly one in 10), 36% of people polled had donated several times over that period and 10% had made a one-off donation.

The most common form of charity was giving cash to people on the streets (60%). The overall amount of money given into collection tins had fallen: 26% in 2019, 38% in 2018 and 36% in 2016.  The number of people donating by SMS had also fallen: 27% in 2019 compared with 35% in 2016.  14% had donated by bank transfer (up from 9% in 2018). The least common method for making a donation (only 4%) was using payment terminals and electronic money.

Yelena Nikishova, Head of Socio-Economic Research at the NAFI Analytical Centre, commented on the findings: “In recent years we have seen a transformation in charitable giving.  People are less inclined to make cash donations and the amount of money given to people on the streets or dropped into collection tins has fallen, while the proportion of people donating through bank transfers has increased.  This method of giving appears to be better geared towards helping people in need and generally seen as less spontaneous than cash donations. A greater reliance on digital technology is expected to shape charitable giving in the future.”

Click here for further details on the research on the NAFI website – исследование

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2019/10/16/issledovanie-nafi-kazhdyj-desyatyj-rossiyanin-zhertvuet-na-blagotvoritelnost/

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