3 more CSOs added to list of ‘undesirable’ foreign organisations

The Ministry of Justice adds three CSOs to the list of “undesirable” organisations


On 2 June, the Ministry of Justice updated the list of foreign and international CSOs whose activities are considered “undesirable” in Russia which now includes 34 organisations. The three bodies that have been added are:

  • Deutsch-Russischer Austausch – (German-Russian Exchange)
  • Zentrum für die Liberale Moderne – (Centre for Liberal Modernity)
  • Forum Russischsprachiger Europäer  – (Forum for Russian-speaking Europeans)

This decision was made in accordance with paras 1, 4 and 7 of Article 3.1 of the law on “Measures to influence individuals involved in violations of basic human rights and freedoms and those of citizens of the Russian Federation” and pursuant to the opinion of the Federation’s Deputy Prosecutor General of 26 May.


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