Altai NGO on work placements in Kazakhstan

Representatives of the
Altai NGO have undertaken a work placement in the Republic of Kazakhstan


Eight representatives of an Altai NGO undertook a four
day work placement in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This was organised initially
within the scope of the project ‘Russia and Kazakhstan: from neighbours to
friends.’ It was financed by the state and the funds were granted by the
Institute for Issues of Civil Society, on the president’s decree, dated 2nd
March 2012.



The approved organisations included: the charity
‘Desenta’, a social organisation for the disabled, the rehabilitation centre
‘Samal’ , the republican centre for narcotics research, the charity ‘Ti ne
Odin’, the youth movement ‘Zhas Otan’, the youth social union ‘Samuk’, ‘The
Social Volunteering Centre’ and others. Those taking part in the work placement
from the Altai region were: Maria Egrova (Altai Regional Social Organisation
‘Anti-HIV Siberia’, from Barnaul), Larisa Karashova (the founding group for the
creation of a charity for local networking, from Kamnya-na- Obi), Irina
Shkredova and Evgeniya Suliz (‘Multifunctioning Social Service Centre for the
People of Rubtsovsk’), Anastasia Kusnetsova, Ksenia Garyakina, Artem
Shpigalskii (The Youth Bank of Rubtsovsk), Ruslan Alatartsev (the education
charity ‘Unitutor.’)


Specialists from Pavlodarskii NGOs led activities for
those on the work placement. They talked about how they managed their work,
organised introductory events, training sessions and masterclasses, and
introduced their working methods and innovations. The work placement concluded with
the seminar ‘Integrated Projects’, during which they discussed further
cooperation in neighbouring geographical areas. Amongst the proposed projects
were: an exchange of touring youth theatre companies and joint family training
sessions on the topic of raising children with special needs.


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