Applications open for 2020 Presidential Grants

Application process for the 2020 President’s Grant Foundation opens


On 15 October the application process opened for the President’s Grant Foundation for 2020.

Up until 25 November 2019 NGOs will be able to submit applications for grants to fund projects scheduled to start from 1 March 2020 onwards.  Applications need to be submitted online on the President’s Grant Foundation website.  For details click on this link – сайте.

The tender is the first in the history of the system of grant funding to be open to non-commercial and non-governmental organisations.  The system was launched in 2007 and, up until 2018, the process required an initial instruction to be issued by the President of the Russian Federation before the tender process could begin.  The first tranche of funding was then only disbursed towards the middle of the calendar year.

In 2020 the first award will be made as early as February and June.  From 2021 onwards the results will be released as early as January.

Ilya Chukalin, Director General of the President’s Grant Foundation, said: “Successful applicants for the latest tender will not have long to wait to receive their grant. They can start working on their projects straightaway.  Our Foundation has provided financial backing for 3,772 projects across our two tenders for 2019. It is a new record both in terms of the number of projects funded and as a proportion of the total number of bids received.  Four years ago, only 10% of bids were successful; now that figure has risen to 21%.  There were 798 successful applications from organisations based outside Moscow in 2015; this number has now risen to 3,271. A record number of projects will be completed before the end of next year.  Generally, we would only support one application from a single organisation, but very occasionally, we do fund two projects run by the same organisation, but never three.  As a result, NGOs that have never been successful in applying for a grant in the past or that have never applied for one now stand a good chance of success.  The best advice I can offer is to set aside enough plenty of time for your application, study the criteria and the application process carefully, complete our online course on social project planning (онлайн-курс по социальному проектированию) and do not leave the preparation and submission of your bid to the last minute.”

During the application period the Foundation will be holding training sessions on developing social projects in Karelia, Udmurtia, Chelyabinsk, Belgorod, Tomsk and the Jewish Autonomous Region.


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