Competition for Russian CSOs in the care of older people. Deadline: 25 September

Applications are now being accepted for the mini-project competition in the sector for the care of older adults 


The competition is open to non-profit organisations and bodies of territorial public self-government, which are part of the Civil Society Organisation (CSO) coalition Care is Near.




The organisers of the contest are the Good Stories foundation, and the Care is Near CSO coalition, with the support of the Timchenko Foundation.


The competition supports projects including, but not limited to, the following areas:

– Identifying older people in need of care and an organisation of care for them

– Family care and support projects for caring for relatives

– Professional patronage

– Neighbourhood care

– Voluntary activity

– Prevention of abuse and neglect of older people

– Projects that create a favourable social environment for older people

– Implementation of successful practices of the Inner Circle competition in their area


The rules of participation are on the competition regulations webpage. Applications are being accepted until 25 September 2022 on the Care is Near website.


You can find out about the 2021 competition results from the coalition digest.




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