Contest for originators of Russian-language internet resources for disabled people

Ninth festival of online resources for disabled people


Originators and designers of Russian language internet resources for disabled people are invited to submit applications for the ‘World of Equal Opportunities’ Festival before 30 March.

Individuals or legal entities may apply. Registration is free. Details of conditions for application may be found under ‘Regulations’ on the official festival website.

Chairman of the Festival Committee, Mikhail Terentiev says: ‘Anyone interested in issues associated with disability, who can contribute to the social integration of disabled people is very welcome to take part.  The festival is a forum for exchanging information and experiences about rehabilitation after disability, the improvement of qualifications and professional training, securing employment, and creative or sporting achievements.’

The festival has taken place annually since 2010 to support and improve socially, artistically and technologically successful online resources designed to help assimilate and socialise of disabled people. Over the years, the organisers have received about 2000 applications from the Russian regions, and abroad. The festival is intended to help overcome communications barriers, create a comfortable space for the exchange of information, and enhance the creative potential of participants.  Two new categories will be included at the 2018 Festival. According to Mikhail Terentiev, these will help assess contributions which previously could not be classified within existing categories.

In 2018, there will be nine categories for applications: ‘We can achieve more together’ (web resources of the All-Russian Society for the disabled, and other similar organisations); ‘The way into life’ (online resources on career guidance , professional training, improving qualifications, and employment for disabled people); ‘Equal opportunities in sport’ (internet resources on sport for the disabled); ‘Kindness is the foundation of peace’ (web resources of charities concerned with disability); ‘The start of year’  (online resources participating at the festival for the first time); ‘Kids will be kids’ (internet resources devoted to the education, and social or medical rehabilitation, of children with disabilities); ‘Life goes on’ (blogs, video channels, private websites, home pages, social network pages); ‘Creative workshop’ (internet resources highlighting the creative successes of disabled people); ‘A real profession’ (web resources of specialists who teach the disabled).

An expert council will vote on selecting the winners. The judges will include chairman of the All-Russian society for disabled people and chairman of the festival’s organisational committee, Mikhail Terentiev, as well as NGO and business representatives. A list of nominations will be drawn up 2-20 April and judges will select the winners between 23 April and 14 May. Awards will be distributed towards the end of May 2018.

The judges will consider the likely social impact of a website, originality of presentation, content and interactivity, its design, user-friendliness and accessibility, the frequency with which information is updated, and the effectiveness of the online resource in terms of increasing tolerance towards people with disabilities.

The competition is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund for the Development of Civil Society.



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