Coordination centre for mental health services in Russia’s schools

Specialised coordination centre to integrate and develop mental health care



The Russian Ministry of Education and Science will draw up a description for the spectrum of

responsibilities psychologists hold in educational institutions.  A special coordination centre is to be

established for this purpose.


Deputy Minister for Education and Science, Tatyana Sinyugina, has outlined the situation on security

in schools and the work done by school psychologists.  She said that the question of quantitative

indicators was currently being discussed to establish how many school psychologists there should

be, along with their role.


The Russian administration has therefore decided to create a special centre to coordinate mental

health services within the education system.


The Education Ministry reports that the Deputy Minister spoke on this during a working visit to

Rostov-on Don, on 20 February. ‘We are talking about creating a centre which will coordinate the

work and development of mental health services in education,’ she said. ‘The new job description

given to school psychologists must be regulated. As we work on this we will take into account and

analyse events that have taken place in Perm and Buratiya.’


Sinyugina said that, together with leaders from the regions, the Ministry would address the issue of

security in schools.


‘Today it should be obligatory for schools to be provided with special security. Together with leaders

from the regions we are working on a road map which will help us ensure that all children are safe

in school. Any decision we take must be guided by concern for the life and health of the children,

and the creation of comfortable conditions for pupils, parents and of course teachers,’ Tatyana

Sinyugina emphasised.


RIA Novosti reports that the Russian Academy of Education had earlier prepared a

framework for the development of mental health services within the federal education

system until 2025. This presupposes that models for offering psychological help to pupils and

students will be worked out. It is assumed that this service will offer psychological support and help

to students of all ages in difficult life situations, assist pupils in making career choices, promote

positive socialisation and the correction of aggressive, lawless or suicidal behaviour.





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