Council for Social Trusteeship launches website

Moscow, 26.05.2015

The website of the Russian Governmental Council for Trusteeship in the Social Sphere describes the work of this advisory body and publishes news about NGOs, and how to become a volunteer and auditor and to help charitable foundations.

The Council has an advisory role, set up to have oversight of major issues concerning social welfare protection of people in difficulty, including children living without parental care, people with disabilities, and other groups of people, protection of health and for developing ideas as to how government policy in these areas can be improved. The Council was set up by a decision in October 2012 and its Chair is Olga Golodets, a Deputy Prime Minister.

On the website you can find information about the Council and its plans for 2015, the history of trusteeship in Russian charitable activity. In addition the site allows readers to put questions to members of the Council including about the Council’s work, and to receive an answer. It also advises on how to become a trustee, set up a board of trustees, become a volunteer, and view the map of Russian trustee councils and NGOs

By Yulia Vyatkina

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