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Authors of a study on charity have been giving details on who most often donates money to help those in need.


The charity this year decided to put together a picture of a typical Russian philanthropist. Their study showed that in most cases (two out of three) it was women who provided selfless support to the needy. Those who gave the most to charitable causes were people working in sales, real estate, science and education. Around 26% of them were interested in outdoor pursuits. Seventy percent were non-smokers who consider the habit harmful.


Increasingly, it is people on average incomes who are giving to charity (around 50% of the survey’s respondents were from this group). More and more Russians are realising that charity is not the sole preserve of the rich – anyone can do good deeds and change the world for the better.


“For a long time now, it has been assumed that only ‘rich’ people on high incomes can offer help. Our study shows that even small and regular donations from thousands of people save lives. We are pleased this year to have seen a trend developing in of more and more people becoming involved in charitable work. Eighty percent are donating up to 300 roubles”, said Alexander Babkin, Head of


Interest in charity has also increased among people on low incomes during 2018. In 2017, the share of donors in this category was 17% which has risen to 21% this year. The growing interest in charity among all sections of the population has been confirmed by an overall increase in the number of donations on the website. In 2018, the volume of contributions went up by almost 30% and the numbers by 23%.



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