Duma proposes changes to Civic Chamber and monitoring of CSOs

Legislation on public oversight to be amended




Article published on the ASI website


On 26 June, the Russian State Duma introduced a bill on the development of public oversight institutions. It includes amendments to several federal laws, including legislation “On the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation”.


According to the bill’s explanatory note, the amendments are aimed at improving civil society institutions.


Under the draft law, non-profit organisations included on the foreign agents’ register and people who have citizenship or residence permits of another state will not be allowed to nominate candidates for membership of the Civic Chamber. It is proposed to add support for initiatives that protect and strengthen traditional values to the objectives of the work of civic chambers and councils.


The Civic Chamber will also be given a legislative opportunity to approve a generic code of ethics for members of public councils attached to federal executive bodies and public oversight committees.


Under the draft legislation, the Federation’s Civic Chamber will have 178 members. Upon termination of the powers of a member of a public chamber of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, his or her powers as a member of the Federation’s Civic Chamber shall also be terminated. Only one representative can be nominated from an All-Russian public association and only in one area of social activity.


“Our task is to create a system of public oversight that reflects the modern-day realities and aspirations of our country. After all, the role of the third sector in important State decision-making is growing every year”, said Olga Zanko, Deputy Chair of the State Duma Committee for the Development of Civil Society and one of the co-authors of the bill.


The full text of the draft legislation can be found on: https://sozd.duma.gov.ru/656348


Source: https://asi.org.ru/news/2024/06/26/v-gosdumu-vnesli-zakonoproekt-o-razvitii-obshhestvennoj-palaty-rf/?utm_order_number=1






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