Kudrin’s Foundation founds “Civic Initiative” prize

The national “Civic Initiative” prize is a consolidating platform
and informal club of like-minded people, open to all. The prize will support
the green shoots of civic self-awareness and establish conditions for the implementation
of new ideas for the further development of civil society in the whole country.
One of the ideas behind it is to identify new people in today’s civil society, “unknown
heroes of our time” who have already become known in their own home town,
district, region or republic. The Kudrin Foundation prize was set up with the
support of civic initiative. It will be awarded to citizens who use their own
initiative to try to change things in the situation surrounding them, achieved tangible
results and merit being known for their efforts and achievements among their


preparing for the prize the organisers are collecting information about
projects being implemented in the regions, and about initiatives of NGOs and
individuals which are worthy of being put forward for nomination for the prize.
The first of these will be considered on 25 March. Proposals can be sent to:



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