Maternity benefits to be increased in Russian regions with low birth rates.

Maternity (family) payments to be increased in regions with low birth rates


A Bill has been introduced in the State Duma to double maternity (family) payments




On 12 March, a Bill was introduced in the State Duma to increase the amount of maternity payments in regions where the birth rate is low which its authors say will supplement the law “On Additional Measures of State Support for Families with Children”.


According to the Bill’s Explanatory Note, the total fertility rate has been used to determine the birth rate (fertility coefficient).


“This draft federal law aims to stimulate the birth rate in Russian Federation regions where fertility rates are low by increasing the amount of maternity (family) payments”, says the Explanatory Note.


Under the Bill, the amount of family support payments will be doubled in regions where the fertility coefficient is below 1.3; increased 1.5 times where it is below 1.75; and raised 1.3 times where the coefficient is under 2.1.


The decision to raise the amount of maternity capital will be taken by the Russian Government based on statistical data from the previous year.



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