More than half members of Russia’s Public Chamber now from CSOs

The Eighth Public Chamber of the Russian Federation now established




Following a competitive selection process, CSO representation on the Federation’s Public Chamber is now more than 50%.


This year’s selection covered 14 areas of public activity. Successful candidates were chosen by a vote of the membership of the new (eighth) Public Chamber which had already been approved by the Russian President or elected by the regional Public Chambers. As a result, CSO representation is now more than 50%, with the Eighth Chamber comprising 71 new members.


Candidates included both members of the seventh Chamber and new people who have become leaders in the public arena, said Alexander Vorontsov, deputy head of the selection working group. He explained that, for the first time, the votes were counted using an automated system that “eliminated technical errors and human influences”.


Dmitry Kiselyov, CEO of the International Media Group, Russia Today; Dmitry Goblin Puchkov, blogger and Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists and media manager Ekaterina Agranovich joined the Public Chamber for the first time. Elizaveta Oleskina, head of the Happiness in Old Age charity for the elderly and disabled, will continue her work in the Chamber.


Matvei Masaltsev, Deputy Chair of the Association of Volunteer Centres; Valentin Rabotenko, Chair of the Russian Street Culture and Sports CSO; Dmitry Pekurovsky, Chair of the Russian Union of Rural Youth and Ivan Shmonin, head of the activist group Extreme Team, will oversee work with volunteer, charity and youth community groups.


The Eighth Public Chamber’s first plenary session will be held on 20 June. It will elect the Secretary of the Chamber and his or her deputies, as well as agreeing the Chairs of the relevant Commissions.






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