More than half of women murdered in Russia killed by relative or partner

Consortium of women’s NGOs: more than half of the murdered women in Russia are killed by a relative or a partner

The consortium participated in and won the Projector 2021 hackathon.


The team working on the Face to Face project decided to investigate inaccuracies in statistics released by the Ministry for Internal Affairs relating to domestic violence. They aimed to reveal how many women are really killed by domestic violence every year in Russia.

The team analysed court verdicts in 2018, which could be found on the government’s open-source website “Judgement”. They concluded that 61% of all women murdered in 2018 were killed by partners or relatives – this amounts to at least five thousand women.

The team concluded that every fifth murder in Russia involved a victim of domestic violence – this is 18.8% of all murder victims (men and women). The Ministry for Internal Affairs, however, stated that just 1.2% of murder victims were killed by domestic violence, which is 15 times lower than the consortium’s findings.

According to Rosstat, 8,300 women were murdered in 2018. The Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that only 253 murders as a result of domestic abuse in 2018. This figure is 20 times smaller than the consortium’s research.

The team members stated that this data was collected across two days as part of the hackathon, and they will continue to carry out research into domestic violence in Russia.

Those working on the project include project lead Sasha Graf; head of the Centre for Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence Mari Davtyan; graduate of the Higher School of Economics and data analysis expert Svetlana Zhuchkova; lawyer and former investigator Mikhail Timoshatov; journalist Sofia Rusova; journalist at Novaya Gazeta, and team curator Alisa Kustikova.

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