Moscow hotline for NGOs in difficulties from COVID

Hotline set up in Moscow for NGOs who have experienced difficulties during the coronavirus restrictions


A hotline has been set up in the co-worker centre of the Moscow Committee for Public Relations and Youth Affairs NGO.

A call centre is taking calls from Moscow-based NGOs who have had to make changes to their work plans as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, e.g. rescheduling deadlines for the submission of reports.

Those manning the hotline will explain the support which is currently available to SONGOs. For example, last year Moscow’s Mayor agreed to extend the deadline for the implementation of projects that had been successful in previous grants competitions, including making changes to work schedules and reallocating budget costs for events held remotely.

“NGOs have been extremely busy during the pandemic working on the front line to provide help and support for the most vulnerable in society. Measures to support SONGOs will help implement important initiatives whose significance for cities and their residents cannot be overestimated”, said Ekaterina Dragunova, Chair of the Moscow Committee.

As well as the hotline, an online support platform has been created which contains a list of legal documents that explain how the provision of support to NGOs is regulated, together with information on grants competitions and NGO educational projects.

On 22 May, the State Duma adopted a Bill that provides additional support for SONGOs. NGOs will be exempt from tax and insurance premiums for the second quarter of 2020. Tax relief has also been granted to businesses donating assets (including financial contributions) to NGOs.

The hotline number is: +7 495 212 19 57. The call centre is open weekdays from 10.00-19.00.


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