New model for palliative care assessment and design

The charity Faith has developed a generic palliative care assessment and design model




This is a framework for developing guidelines and recommendations for the provision of palliative care which will help institutions to carry out audits, identify problem areas and the potential for growth.


The charity Faith has developed the model drawing on their considerable experience, global best practice and the involvement of experts from different fields. It is currently being trialled in three institutions that provide palliative care in the Samara and Yaroslavl regions in the Perm oblast. The assessment framework focuses on the quality of life of a person requiring palliative care based on their individual needs through the provision of treatment support.


Healthcare managers and organisers will be able to decide for themselves how the model should be applied. The authors expect that its implementation will help improve the professional performance of at least 140 specialists who provide care to around 1,300 patients annually in outreach services and inpatient residential facilities.


The model will help find answers to the following questions:


  • What category of patient receives care in an organisation;
  • How much care a patient receives;
  • What an organisation’s real aims and objectives are and what it seeks to achieve;
  • What results an organisation is achieving and expects to repeat in the future;
  • How many and what resources are needed to make everything work;
  • What staff need to know and are able to do;
  • What action needs to be taken to achieve an organisation’s goals;
  • What role and status a healthcare organisation has in the public sector;
  • How a healthcare agency can develop palliative care and where its potential growth areas lie;
  • What further problems are likely to emerge;
  • How to assess future outcomes.


Two more institutions in the Sverdlovsk and Tver regions will take part in the trialling of the model in the first half of next year.


“Based on the results of the trial, we plan to make the palliative care assessment and design model available to a wide range of bodies throughout Russia to enable them to carry out audits, identify problem areas and the potential for growth, using algorithms from the project”, said the Faith charity.



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