New online tool to help NGOs create public reports


The charitable foundation Help is Needed has produced a versatile tool for preparing public reports aimed at non-commercial organisations. It is free.

On 28 February, Help is Needed launched a tool which allows organisations to create a public report without the help of a third party designer. The foundation believes that it will not only simplify creating a comprehensive and well-presented report, but it will also allow NGOs to structure information about the work they have carried out.

The service’s designers stated “We believe that the work NGOs are involved in should be transparent and accountable to society. Alongside financial reports and reporting to the Ministry of Justice, it is fundamental for NGOs to discuss their programmes in language that is accessible to a wide audience. This is an essential element of effective fundraising and sustainable work.”

A public report enables its readership to get to know the organisation. This might include discussing the NGO’s mission, the areas in which it is active, its staff and the way in which it provides help. You can also add information about projects, programmes, results from work, give bank details and list income and expenses.

By creating a personal account with the service, you are able to edit the report. The report itself is formed automatically from a pre-designed template, which is currently the only one available. Designers are, however, planning to create another template and add a range of different colour options.  The public report will then be available to download as a PDF.

No formal verification is needed to use the service and all that is required is registering the organisation with the online tool. However, those working in the Foundation hope that the NGOs which have not undergone verification by Help is Needed will complete their report by using the service and then undergo a verification process.


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