New platform to aid search for missing children in Russia

A special platform for missing children has been created


In the Moscow region, at the opening of the first All-Russian Forum of Voluntary Search and Rescue Teams, staff of Megafon presented a new system for searching for lost children. The platform, using big data technology, allows it to process enormous quantities of information.

As the general director of Megafon, Sergey Soldatenkov, explained during his appearance at the forum in Krasnogorsk, such a decision enables them to receive certain information about subscribers, without breaking the law on personal data.

“Thanks to this system, we can send SMS with photographs of the missing child to those people who, with a high degree of certainty, were in the same place at the same time as the child went missing,” he said.

As TASS reports, this idea will be tested together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The general director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Svetlana Chupsheva, shared that a similar system has long been in place in the USA: when a missing child is being searched for, with the help of visitors to public spaces, rescuers quickly gather information by telephone and the search becomes more effective.

From 10 to 11 July 2018 in Krasnogorsk (Moscow oblast), the first All-Russian Forum for Voluntary Search and Rescue Teams took place. Participants from more than 20 regions of Russia shared their experiences and discussed creating a resource centre for training volunteers in searching for missing people. On the second day of the forum, a joint training of search engines, representatives from different information agencies and volunteers took place in Domodedovo.



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