New platform to help specialists with a disability into work

A new platform for the employment of specialists with disabilities has launched in Russia




The Everland platform will allow job seekers with higher or secondary specialised education in the fields of design, journalism, internet marketing, web development and law to find work. This list of activities will be expanded in October 2019.


The Space of Equal Opportunities organisation launched Everland with the support of the Beeline brand. Everland is presented as an inclusive social entrepreneurial project, whose development team consists of 78 specialists from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. 90% of them have some kind of disability. The work took 3 years of design, content, law and web development of various levels of complexity. Along with Beeline, collaborators include Sovcombank, Sberbank, VkusVill.


‘We saw that there is a great demand for work,’ says Igor Novikov, co-founder of Everland and director of Space of Equal Opportunities. ‘We have received hundreds of resumes and appeals from people with different types of disabilities who could do interesting things and earn money. We have learned to promote the benefits of working remotely. With the help of the platform and technology, thousands of disabled people can enter the labour market to become professionals and earn money’.


To participate in the platform, people with disabilities need higher or secondary specialised education and a real willingness to work in accordance with the requirements of the market and improve their professional status. The type of disability, place of residence and age do not matter.


The platform consists of five blocks, each of which is responsible for one of the steps of enabling someone with a disability to move into the job market: motivation, testing, training, mentor assistance and work, either on the platform or with an external employer.



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