New Russian-language website for people with disabilities

 Launch of new Russian language website for people with
disabilities – ‘I Am a Person’


new website was launched on 28 October.


Ismagilov, correspondent of the UN’s Russian radio service, told ASI’s correspondent
that it provides a kind of social network on which anyone may register
regardless of the disability that affects them and that it is also available in
English and Spanish. General Business Model, a company, implemented the project
with the help of the national organisation, Russians with Disabilities.


Ismagilov said it was envisaged that the site would be deployed to cover the
Paralympic Games in London in the twelve days following the 2012 Olympics. The
site developers plan to work with the news site, Paralympic SportTV (

). This will
enable site users to obtain news about these games in real time before
important stages of the contests are broadcast on the main news channels. They
will also be able to watch direct broadcasts in real time which are not
available on the majority of the federal TV channels because of the high cost
of the transmissions.


developers anticipate that people with different categories of disabilities
will be visiting the site. For instance, they have incorporated a sound
recognition function (which guides the user around the site announcing the
different sections when they click on them with a mouse) so enabling the
visually impaired to use the site. The general director of Basic Business
Models ‘DzhiBiEm’, Mario Simons, who manages the I Am A Person site, said it
was currently the only one of its kind. It will allow Russians and citizens of
other countries alike to find out what is going on in the world affecting
people with disabilities and to provide assistance to them. Mr Ismagilov
observed,‘Donors cannot always understand the extent or actual nature of the
needs of a person with disabilities…This site will enable much more precise
information to be provided about their needs and those of the organisations
that assist them.’ He emphasised that the Moscow Labour and Employment
Department was already making use of the site to advertise vacancies for such




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