On-line NGO project wins Runet prize

On-line NGO projects win Runet prizea


The XIV award ceremony for Russia’s 2017 Runet prize has taken place in Moscow.

This prize is awarded for achievements in the field of information technology and e-communications by State and community organisations and businesses which have made a significant contribution to the development of the Russian part of the Internet.

The Moscow City’s Public Relations website for the 2017 Grants’ competition won the Runet award for its online coverage of the capital’s NGO competition and received an award in the State and Society category. “We have worked really hard to be here on stage receiving this statuette. This is our first Runet prize and we will try and do all we can to ultimately win an entire collection of statuettes. This award is not just recognition of our work but it also gives us an excellent incentive to make Moscow more understandable and accessible as well as a kinder and more soulful place!” said Alexander Alexandrov, Chair of Moscow City’s Public Relations Committee.

The Russian World Wildlife Fund website won the prize in the Ecology and Environment category. The Russian Wikipedia site, the Moscow e-school (an electronic tool for teachers, parents and schoolchildren and one of the Moscow Mayor’s official website projects) and the open education platform, Lectures from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (a series of publically available university lectures), were all recognised in the Science and Education category.

Runet’s 2017 prize was awarded to winners in six main and four specialist categories and for the best projects that contributed to the national online campaign, the Popular Vote.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/11/24/premiya-runeta/


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