Paypal starts pilot project with Russian NGOs


The Vera Hospice Foundation and the Paypal payment operating service have started to cooperate. Now Russians and people abroad can donate to charities via Paypal. This is Paypal’s first major project with Russian NGOs. In North America in 2014 alone more than 450,000 not for profit organisations received donations worth $7 billion via Paypal. Vladimir Malyugin, head of Paypal in Russia, said this was an important step. Many people in Russia and abroad want to help foundations and Paypal’s role will be to make the process simple and fast.

Information on how to donate to “Vera” via Paypal is on the Vera website. You can sign up for regular donations, for example, monthly. A simple mechanism allows people to do good with just a click of two, irrespective of where they have a bank account or whether they are far from an ATM, says Nyuta Federmesser, President of the Vera Foundation. Using mobile appliances for making donations was an important step for charitable giving all over the world, and it increased the amounts donated.  In the US and Canada, donations made by smartphone or tablets increased by 60% in 2014 compared with 2013.

Co-chair and trustee of Vera Ingeborg Dapkunaite said that patients in tens of hospices in Moscow and the regions and thousands of families with sick children are looking forward to receiving support. The hope is to raise 500 million roubles this year. Half of the sum is designated for setting up the “Lighthouse” – the first children’s hospice in Moscow, and for terminally ill children.

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