Platform for free online competitions launched in Russia  

A platform for free online competitions launched in Russia




This is where CSOs can create their own competition or participate in others.


An IT platform, Konkursi.rf, supported by, has been launched by a team of developers working on the digitisation of competitions run by the Presidential Grants Foundation, the Ministry of Finance, Rosatom and CSOs.


The platform automates the creation and running of online competitions and enables organisers and participants to meet in one online space. CSOs, companies, educational institutions, State bodies and bloggers can devise their own contest, set up an application and assessment process, introduce popular voting procedures and jury work, as well as summarising the results.

“This charitable project is extremely important to us. When creating it, our first thought was how we could help activists, CSOs, State institutions, educational and cultural organisations save on launching and running their own competitions using the platform’s infrastructure and for them to use the money released on what really matters – providing direct help to people”, said Sergey Gabestro, Director of Digital Technology at the Social Sector Development Foundation.


The platform can also be used to engage with competition participants, organise mail shots and upload details of a particular event. It also enables competitions, awards, olympiads, surveys and auditions, no matter how large or small, to be organised.


The platform is very versatile. You can organise a competition for children and students, hold a hackathon and recruit volunteers, and also find a similar contest run by another organisation and apply to take part.


“Next year, we intend to add a new feature to the platform linked, for example, to increasing the number of roles for the organiser and sharing access rights. As early as January-February next year, we will be launching a searchable and filterable display for all competitions. And we also want to give users the option of logging in via the United System of Identification and Authentication (USIA) and VKontakte”, he added.


All features on the Konkursi.rf platform will be free for all users by the end of next year. Several other services will also be launched on the platform, e.g. a turnkey contest, the development of a competition system on its domain and project promotion.





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