Regions to adopt standards for child protection

14 March 2014

The ministry of labour has advised the regions to adopt standards devised by the National Foundation for the Protection of Children against Abuse


The ministry’s recommendation is for the regions to study the methodological material concerning the introduction of standards for social work related to the prevention of child abuse and to apply the standards in their work.

As stated on the foundation’s website the standards may be of relevance to the composition of the regional lists of social services and support programmes for families and children, to the training of social services specialists and improving their qualifications and in setting up competitions in support of socially oriented NGOs. The foundation offers advice relating to the following services: defence of children’s rights and legal interests, emergency psychological help to children over the telephone, keeping a family of origin that is at risk together for the children’s sake, assistance for children with disabilities and their families, and the social integration of parentless children.

The authors of the recommendations see basing most of the service provision on providing help to families as the most effective way forward. They have in mind the kind of help that promotes the rehabilitation of the family, restoration of its internal resources and preparing it for dealing with life’s difficulties independently.

The material was prepared within the framework of the national plan of action for promoting the interests of children 2012-2017, which was approved by presidential decree on 1 June 2012 No 761. The standards were formulated following two years of research into the best Russian innovative practice in the field. In the course of the research the specialists analysed over 1200 papers received from 74 subjects of the federation.

The standards may be viewed on the foundation’s site.

Author: Daria Shapovalova

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