Russia: a new platform to help hospice patients

A new platform to help hospice patients

Help is available for children and adults in hospices across the country


Using the Loyal Friend platform you can now create a fund-raising page to raise money to pay for palliative care at home, buy respiratory equipment, meal supplements and training for specialist personnel.

If you want to raise money you need to organise an event, such as a swap party, a book club, a trip, a masterclass or any other event to which you can invite your friends in return for a donation.

One of the first to organise a fund-raising page was the founder of the Vera Foundation, Niuta Federmesser, who did so on her birthday.  She is raising 1.5 million roubles for hospices in a number of regions.  Another supporter is holding a charity picnic in Kolomna to support the Vera Foundation.

Further details on how to organise an event and where the funds raised go to is available on the Loyal Friend platform.


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