Russia: Competition for internships in volunteering

The creation of a new competition, which will lead to internship opportunities in the field of social engagement and volunteering, has been announced

Winners of the competition will receive money for an internship, help and support, and the possibility of replicating the practices in other regions.


Participants must be registered non-profit organisations or state and autonomous budgetary institutions that implement socially significant volunteer projects and programmes within the territory of the Russian Federation.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year at DOBRO.RU. Applications will be reviewed three times a year: in April, August and December. Acceptance for participation in the first wave will end on 31 March,in the second wave on 31 July and in the third wave on 30 November at 23:59 Moscow time.

The competition is split into two categories:

  • Regional Interships. Registered non-profit organisations and state or autonomous budgetary institutions that implement volunteer programmes at the regional level and have the support of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation can take part in this category.
  • Internships for Socially-Orientated Non-Profit Organizations. This category is open to socially orientated non-profit organisations that implement socially significant projects and programmes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Over the course of two years, 505 events have been created during the internships, and 356 experts have been involved with the organisation. 353 specialists from 78 regions have taken part in internships and have implemented more than 300 new practices and initiatives.

Winners of the competition are provided with consultation support during the preparation stage as well as throughout the internship, and assistance in selecting the participants who are most ready for implementing the knowledge and practices obtained during the internship.

The Association of Volunteer Centres covers the cost of organising the internship, transferring the participants to the location of the internship and back, as well as accommodation and meals for the participants during the internship.

“For every CSO that reaches a certain level in its development, the question arises as to the transfer of experience and knowledge. The organisations’ own resources are usually not sufficient,” says Elena Alshanskaya, President of the Volunteers to Help Orphans Charity, and winner of the internship competition for CSOs in 2020. “Small CSOs that are wanting to find new technologies and new experiences rarely even have the means to cover travel costs to their colleagues in other areas of the country.”

According to Elena Alshanskaya, it is important to maintain exchange and mutual improvement across the sector with regards to experience, knowledge and connections:

“Organising an internship is a very interesting experience which definitely offers a lot to both those who participate in the internship and those who take on new participants.”

They allow potential organisers to share unique experiences, provide them with the opportunity to expand their practices to other regions and organisations, expand their representation, find like-minded people and establish strong professional contacts.


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