Russia: grants to some CSOs to increase by half a billion roubles  

The amount of grants to some CSOs to increase by half a billion roubles




The Duma recently held a meeting to discuss adjustments to the federal budget, according to the Lower House’s website.


The State Duma Committee for the Development of Civil Society has considered and approved the necessary amendments to the State budget, says its Chair, Olga Timofeeva.


She explained that the Committee had approved changes that will increase the amount of grant money to support the work of SONGOs and that 45 of them would receive subsidies totalling more than three billion roubles. This commitment will be included in Annex No.45 to the draft State budget for 2024 and 2025-26.


“This is 556 million more than this year and represents a rise of one billion roubles compared to what was previously planned for in the federal three-year budget. In addition, grants awarded to Russian organisations that support people with disabilities will increase by around 100 million”, she said. In particular, we are talking about three such bodies: the All Russian Societies for the Disabled, the Blind and the Deaf, as well as volunteer, veteran and patriotic SONGOs.


Such support should be tangible and the Committee is delighted that we did not have to cut the amount of grant money allocated to public bodies given the difficulties they are currently facing and the fact that their help is still very much in demand”, said Timofeeva.


Source:Объем субсидий на поддержку некоторых СО НКО вырастет на полмиллиарда рублей – Агентство социальной информации (

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