Russia: proposals to improve procedures on disabilities, large families and care homes

The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Labour proposes to simplify the procedures for the medical and social assessment of people with disabilities and to license the work of residential care homes




Article published on the ASI website


The Ministry is also working on providing assistance to large families in the form of regional payments.


At a plenary session of the Russian State Duma held on 14 May, Anton Kotyakov, a candidate for the post of Minister of Labour and Social Security, said that the Ministry planned to simplify the procedure for the medical and social assessment of people with disabilities by reducing the number of tests they have to undergo. He also said that the Ministry was working on extending the scope of medical research to complete the evaluation process.


The plenary also highlighted one of the Ministry’s main tasks which is to reduce poverty levels, particularly among large families. To this end, Kotyakov stated that priority would be given to providing social contracts to large families, adding that the poverty rate had fallen to 8.5% thanks to substantial targeted assistance.


As part of the on-going digital transformation process, all federal support measures and regional payments are to be moved over to the social treasury system by the end of this year and during 2025 respectively. Irrespective of the system used for approving essential regional payments, citizens will still be offered social support measures in a timely fashion.


Kotyakov also mentioned the quality of social services in residential care homes and explained that the Ministry intended to license the work of these institutions in order to ensure that older people with disabilities are safe and receive the best possible support.


The licensing of inpatient social services was also discussed last autumn. At the time, the Ministry of Labour published a draft law for public consultation which appeared on the Federation’s Draft Law and Regulations website.






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