Russia: proposed changes to allocation of welfare to families

The Russian government has proposed changes to the allocation of welfare to families


The new proposal would take into account the income of the spouses and their children, rather than every person in a household.




A family with an average per capita income below the minimum wage in the region is considered to be in need of social assistance. Salaries, pensions, bursaries, interest on deposits, and alimony are all counted as a family’s income and divided by the number of family members. If the amount per person is less than the minimum wage, the state will pay an additional amount every month so that each relative receives a living wage.


The proposal would come into effect in 2024 and would change the calculation of income to consider solely spouses and children. The State Duma will consider the bill’s first reading in the near future. The government believes that this will make the allocation of social benefits more equitable and more families will receive assistance.


It will be possible to apply for social assistance through State Services.



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