Russia: ratings published for Public Councils of federal authorities

RAEX has published ratings for public councils attached to federal authorities




The leaders are public councils at the Ministries of Labour, Natural Resources, Education and seven other agencies.


The RAEX ratings agency and the Federation’s Public Chamber presented the results of a study on the work of public councils affiliated to federal authorities. The data gathered were used to compile ratings and sub-ratings in order to show how effective a particular council has been.


Public information sources were used in the research: legislative documents, official web pages of public councils, SCAN-Interfax data, as well as information from a survey of experts conducted within the Public Chamber and public councils.


The ratings were judged against eight criteria:


  • Influence on the work of the federal agencies;
  • Implementation of control exercised by public councils;
  • Information transparency;
  • Publicity;
  • Interaction with stakeholders;
  • How the work of public councils attached to federal authorities is organised;
  • Cooperation with the Public Chamber
  • Information from the experts’ survey


Separate sub-ratings were compiled for each category. In the main ratings, public councils were divided into five groups.


Group A: Leaders

Group B: Advanced level

Group C: Intermediate level

Group D: Basic level

Group E: Elementary level (maximum development potential)


The leaders were councils at ten federal agencies: the Ministries of Construction, Natural Resources, Education, Agriculture, Labour, the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, the Federal Registration Authority, the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service, the Federal Forestry Agency and the Federal Transportation Inspection Service.


Details of the full ratings and sub-ratings can be found on:


Source: RAEX представило рейтинг общественных советов при ФОИВ – Агентство социальной информации (


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