Russian chatbot for victims of domestic abuse

A supportive chatbot for those who have suffered domestic abuse has appeared online




Article published on the ASI website


The creation of the chatbot has been timed to coincide with the start of a new season of the Mutual Consent television series directed by Valeria Gai Germanica which deals with the theme of domestic violence from different perspectives.


A women’s self-help network You are not alone, the KION online cinema and the WildJam advertising agency have launched a chatbot called Helping Hand on Telegram.


The chatbot has crisis centre contact numbers, together with educational and support materials for those who have experienced abuse. The bot’s content has been developed with support from the You are not Alone network, which regularly offers psychological and legal assistance to women who are being subjected to domestic violence and promotes the importance of healthy relationships.


“We believe it is essential to speak about domestic abuse across a range of different media so that more people are aware of the seriousness of the problem and its grim reality. The Helping Hand chatbot is an emergency service for those who are experiencing abuse and has information on help for victims, for abusers and those who want to help their loved-ones. Feature films about domestic violence are necessary because cinema helps to shatter standard stereotypes”, said Olga Ruchina, Media Officer at You are not Alone.




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